Before tea time

My best friend was here last week-end and we pretty much indulged in everything! If you follow me on Instagram, you could notice some of our gluttonous adventures.

More posts will follow as we tried Yauatcha Soho, Kaspar’s, and from the previous post you saw Mimi’s review on Oblix.

It was actually a very nice day in London last Sunday, so after having lunch at Five Guys, we decided to go for a stroll before our tea time. By the way, we both didn’t get the craze about this place, best burger in town, seriously? The bun was very thin, sauce was dripping, no platter… fries were good, ok. But I prefer a good Byron or maybe a GBK if I’m going to pay the same price as Five Guys which is more like a fast-food, better version of McDonald’s kind of place! Or maybe even Shake Shack.

Anyway, we decided to go away from tourists, and spontaneously shot in a small park. It was a first for my best friend, but I think she did pretty well.

Bag: Prada, Tartan skirt: Blanco, Black shirt: Tomato Ph, Boots: JB Martin

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And you, what did you do last Sunday?


Drinks at The Shard

Hey guys, from now on Mimi will be collaborating with me on the blog, so we will both be posting and signing with our respective names. Introductions will be made later and the blog improved, but here is Mimi’s first post. We also have created a Facebook page, please go ahead and like it!

Having had a heavy night on Friday – I didn’t have much energy left in me on Saturday. I didn’t think I could bare another evening of crazy shenanigans!

Although having been Invited by Stella, I just couldn’t resist not going to have a nosy at the Shard, where it’s known for its amazing view of London, in all its glory. Besides I still had an article to write after not being able to do my planned lunch. (a funny story for another day)

I would usually take an uber if I’m planning to go out late – but seeing as it’s so conveniently close to London Bridge station – I took the train. So that’s a good start – it’s easy to get to and won’t kill your feet, for those ladies in heels!

As I was walking towards the shard it’s impressive height was breathtaking! It’s like a massive Christmas tree with all the lights! As I walked in, it kind of reminded me of when I went to Martinez in Cannes. Nice cars and friendly doormen.

When I got to the elevator, a rather handsome man was also waiting. Which funny enough turned out to be the guy who helped build the shard!! How cool is that?!! No – I didn’t take his number as some girl walked in at the last minute as the elevator was closing – so I was unable to work my sexy charm!!

The bar and resto can be found on the 31st floor which I soon found out was separated by two different bars Aqua and Oblix. It all felt quite posh but not pretentious. There were all sorts of people in both bars and by that I mean, men dressed as women too. It was great! This was MY kind of scene… Light music, dark settings and great vibe. As you walk into Aqua, you are greeted by large windows that are about 3 floors high and can immediately see London City. It was amazing!!

Unfortunately, Aqua doesn’t take bookings for tables, so if you plan on wanting a sit down, I suggest you arrive early enough to get one! Whilst waiting for the girls, I decided to check out the toilets, as I’ve been told before that you can tell a lot about a place by its toilets – although having seen the settings – I couldn’t have cared less….that is until I got to the toilet!!

The women’s toilet had loads of mirrors from wall to wall, still with views of London. Unfortunately, they only had 2 toilets and hardly any light to see yourself! What were they thinking??! You had a great place, with good capacity for people and yet you only had two toilets and a dark room! So make sure you bring a flashlight if you visit. You will be needing it!

Finally the girls arrived and since we were unable to get a table, we decided to check out Oblix. This place had a different setting. You walk through a hallway, which felt as if you were walking through a pyramid tunnel. A little creepy, but pretty cool! As you reach the end of the hallway and into the main room – you had a slightly different atmosphere. It was more quiet and relaxed. The age group there felt more older. Probably people in their 30s and above. It is an ideal setting for romantic nights with a special someone. So for all the men reading this, you will be guaranteed to get brownie points, just by taking your lady here.

Having found a table we all sat down by the window over looking the river Thames and London Bridge. I mean the views were just extraordinary!! It was like being an angel in heaven!

Stella and I, I’m wearing a Lipsy dress while Stella is wearing a Zara one

This photo sums up our friendship

The service was slightly disappointing though. Not what I had expected from a place such as this – especially at what they were charging for drinks!! Cocktails were about £15 and above. Glasses of wine ranged from £8 above. Hard liquor £100+ and bottles of wine were £26+ and that didn’t include a service charge.

It’s not cheap if you plan to go on your own or take a date! Although, I would suggest that you go with a group of people and share a decent bottle of wine – more value for your money.

As we got there rather late, we didn’t have much time as it closed at 1 am. I was slightly annoyed as, as soon as it hit closing time, we were being rushed to drink our wines! I mean come on – we had to chug that – I was so tipsy by the time I got to the elevator!

Girls with a view, quick, quick, down your drinks!

All in all, I would highly recommend to visit this place, even if it’s just for one drink. It’s worth it! There is no door entry fee, no minimum spend, no coat charge, and a good atmosphere. I suggest you arrive earlier than 11pm if you plan stay longer. However if it’s a flying visit or want to end a great date/evening – then by all means arrive about that time when it’s less busy.

I didn’t get to try the food. Has anyone dined here? If so, would love hear about it, as I’m a big foodie!

What was your experience?


Goodbye summer?

Yes, the weather seems to be a constant in conversations, but hey, whoever lives in London will understand. As it seems that we are nearing winter now… But we have sunny weekends and then weeks, like this one, are grey, dull, wet, cold, damp. You get the picture.

Last Sunday was actually a perfect movie type of weather: rainy. I went to see Inside Out with some friends, and yes it is a very cute movie. (I especially like Sadness – no, nothing to do with Summertime sadness).

I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness

To our surprise, it was sunny when we went outside. Perfect opportunity to shoot!


Embellished top: from Germany, Skirt: Camille Co for Tomato Philippines, Wedges: Esprit

IMG-20150823-WA0002 IMG-20150823-WA0003 IMG-20150823-WA0004 IMG-20150823-WA0005 IMG-20150823-WA0006 IMG-20150823-WA0010

Vibrant colours, patterns and prints are badly needed before the summer ends.

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How about you, how did you spend you week-end?

SM Trinoma

While in the Philippines, I enjoy catching up with my family. This afternoon, I met up with my two cousins and we went shopping at SM Trinoma, in Quezon City.

What’s good about malling during day time is that it is less crowded. One this occasion, I just wore something casual, then I found a lovely pair of glittery wedges at the Landmark and wore them right away.

thumb__D7K5639_1024 thumb__D7K5640_1024

Gold, glitter, white? Yes!


Bag: Longchamps, T-Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Wedges: The Landmark

thumb__D7K5646_1024 thumb__D7K5648_1024 thumb__D7K5649_1024

And yes, I also stopped to buy local fashion, as you can see from my orange bag, I checked out Crossings. I absolutely love the unknown Filipino brands. The outfit from the previous post is actually from there!

In the meantime, reality has hit hard in London. New job, getting adjusted to a new rythm, and the summer slowly vanishing…

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So I have been silent for quite some time now. I have just experienced a major change in my life, quitting my job and signing to my dream one! Still in the same field, asset management.

As I had two weeks free between the two jobs, I spontaneously decided to go back home: the Philippines! And I surprised my mom, who relocated to Romblon a few months ago. She was almost shocked to see me! But I spent a good week with her relaxing, more posts will come on that.

The second week, I stayed in Makati and saw family and friends. I, of course, also shopped and had a massage.

On the Thursday, I met up with my two cousins in Serendra, which is located at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City.

We decided to meet at Chelsea Grand Café and I started  by ordering my favourite: Mango and Passion smoothie!



I continued with their creamy carbonara.


And we ended up sharing the dessert, Brownie’s S’mores. Such a good dessert! I had never tried S’mores before, it is so delicious!



As it was sunny, we shot outdoors afterwards. It was after I had all the food, so I may look more ‘bloated’ than usual.


Love the statement necklace


Miu Miu look-alike bag

I’m wearing a 100% Filipino outfit, yes, only local brands. I’m proud to support designers from my country.


Necklace, bag, sandals: The Landmark, Skirt: From designer at Crossings shop, Shoulder-off top: From designer at Glorietta Mall

IMG-20150802-WA0001 IMG-20150802-WA0002 IMG-20150802-WA0006 IMG-20150802-WA0007 IMG-20150802-WA0008 IMG-20150802-WA0011

As it was during day time, I didn’t wear heels, but these can be worn to complement the outfit for a night out.

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Casual Friday

We adopt a casual Friday policy at my office, so I can be a little more creative in what I’m wearing on Fridays.

I met with my friend Serena after work, and asked her to shoot me in this low light. It was a first for her, but I must say the results are pretty good!

We headed to the Radio Rooftop bar at the Me Hotel after that, then I ended the night dancing away with other friends at Tonteria. Fun-filled unexpected Friday night, but this is what summer is made for after all.


Top: unknown from France, skirt: Banana Republic, bag: custom Louis Vuitton, Heels: Dune, Sunglasses: H&M

IMG_20150703_174251 IMG_20150703_174132 IMG_20150703_174131 IMG_20150703_174017 IMG_20150703_174305 IMG_20150703_174303 IMG_20150703_174300 IMG_20150703_174258

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Think opulence. Think abundance. Secret Rooftop!

So remember when I was telling you the Secret Rooftop was sold out? Fortunately enough additional tickets had been released last Tuesday and my friend bought them quickly! So yesterday we attended the event, which was amazing!

The theme was “The Yacht Club Chic” and the place was at the rooftop of the Mondrian hotel, at the Rumpus Room. Another exquisite location! I had never been. It was such a sunny and warm day so very enjoyable to see Saint Paul’s and London skyline from a different perspective.


We started with some brunch downstairs.


Eggs Sammy


Cookie sandwich ice-cream

IMG_20150627_132532 IMG_20150627_131732


Dress: Forever21, Bag: from the Philippines


The afternoon started with a fashion show.


Yufash Design


And then the party kicked off!


SB team and the DJs


Think opulence. Think abundance.

IMG_20150627_155100 IMG_20150627_161935 IMG_20150627_172329

Oh, Saint Pauls

It was yet another fun afternoon. Style, elegance and opulence combined.

London always has something different to offer, and can please all tastes. If you like to experience something different, a bit more exclusive, stylish and fun, you should definitely try a Secret Brunch Party.

No two SB’s are ever the same!

Corporate look – from day to night

Living and working in the City, I find myself running around like a headless chicken. All these events and drinks to attend, may they be corporate or personal, make it complicated to go back home and change after work.

So here is an outfit that paired with a blazer by day works in the corporate world, and without also after work.

IMG-20150620-WA0010 IMG-20150621-WA0004

Pearls detail – from the Philippines of course

IMG-20150621-WA0005 IMG-20150621-WA0006 IMG-20150621-WA0008

Combo dress: Mango, Nude pumps: Dune, Custom-made bag: Louis Vuitton, Pearl necklace: from the Philippines

IMG-20150621-WA0009 IMG-20150621-WA0010

The back detail of the skirt


Perfect for a date night


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So you said Secret Brunch?

A few weeks ago, one of my friend told me about this event, the Secret Brunch. I had done a Love Brunch in the past at the Roof Gardens, but had never heard about the Secret Brunch.

So when she told me about, I didn’t decide right away to buy the ticket, but wish I had because the ticket I took later was already more expensive. The event was sold out in one day!

The Secret Brunch is a brunch party with a secret location until the said day. And there is a specific dress code. For this one (June 6th), it was ‘Vintage Country Club Chic’:


Shoes: Wedges, heels and well-presented Sandals

Bottoms: Pleated Midi skirts, Tailored shorts, Fitted Neutral Trousers

Tops: Chiffon Blouses and Cotton Shirts with Fitted Blazers

Accessories: Oversized Sun Hats and sunglasses, Straw Panama Hats OR Boating Hats

Ok, that was easy. For the occasion I wore skorts from Zara, a Burberry shirt and brought a white blazer and sunglasses.

On the said day, we finally knew where the event was going to take place, and it was nowhere else than at Bluebird Chelsea. I never actually went there so it was a good opportunity. Upon arrival, we had to go upstairs and arrived in a big room, decorated with flowers and the DJ was already playing. I arrived around 12 with my friend.

IMG_20150606_121551 IMG_20150606_121812 IMG_20150606_121827

We decided to go for food first, as there was a special Secret Brunch menu.



Truffle Mac and Cheese

IMG_20150606_130708 IMG_20150606_133336

Flourless chocolate cake

The food was good but I was not that keen on the chocolate cake, the texture was a little bit strange.

After this, we went for drinks at the bar, and we started meeting and talking to people, some other friends joined and the party began! There was a fashion show to start with.

IMG_20150606_140940 IMG_20150606_141040 IMG_20150606_152930

I never expected I would be partying the whole afternoon, as my friend and I left at 5PM! The atmosphere was so nice and friendly and everybody was in a good mood. It was one of the best event I’ve attended so far in London.

There is going to be a Secret Rooftop event on the 27th June, but look no further, the event sold out in 2 hours…