Hong Kong – Day 1

I will relate my short trip to Hong Kong, where I went last time I went to the Philippines two weeks ago. I took a small in-between trip to visit friends and Hong Kong itself.

So on this first day, I decided to go to Peak Victoria and to Lantau Island to see the big Buddha.

Going to Peak Victoria was really easy, as all you need to do is take the Peak Tram from a little walking distance from Central MTR.


From there, I bought a Peak tram return and also a ticket to go to the Sky Terrace.

Once there, the view was really amazing and I even had my picture “professionally” taken.

DSC07137DSC07139 DSC07147DSC07148

There are literally two malls out there. I ate in the one you can see in the photo. I had some dumplings and typical Hong Kong bubble tea.

After that, I went back to Central and took the Tung Chung line until the end of the line. From there, I took the cable car. After a little walk, and climbing up all the stairs, I was finally facing the big Buddha.


Well, after all this climbing in the heat I started feeling a bit dizzy so I went down and ate an ice-cream and waited before going back to Hong Kong.


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