Hong Kong – day 3

On my last day in Hong Kong, I went to Causeway Bay, but kind of got lost with all the subway’s exits, I ended up at “Times Square”.

DSC07221 DSC07222 DSC07224

It was just a huge mall with so many floors. I ate at the last floors, in some Japanese restaurant. What I like about their formulas is that their soup was very big with noodles (not like in Paris for example) and included salad and dessert as well, on top of the dish. So when I wanted to leave and pay, the waiter brought some kind of yellow sponge cake, I was not sure why.

After that, I went back to Central, and took the ferry from Pier 4, to Lamma island. Lamma island is famous for its seafood restaurants, but I didn’t try them.

When I arrived on the island, I just wanted to walk to the first beach and stay there.

DSC07232 DSC07238 DSC07241 DSC07242

But eventually I got bored… so decided to walk to the other port. You can take the ferry back to Hong Kong from the other side of the island. I knew it would take me one hour, but didn’t know it was a small “trek” so I was not prepared with my long dress and small open sandals!

There were interesting spots along the way.

DSC07251 DSC07253 DSC07258 DSC07264 DSC07266

After that… I sadly went back to Hong Kong, it was my last day before flying back to Manila… I will always remember the dried seafood street near where my friend lived… and the exuberant pink Rolls Royce.

DSC07271 DSC07272


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