Romblon diaries – part 1

Last month when I went to the Philippines, my mom and I spent a week on an undiscovered island, Romblon.

It was just the perfect break from the hustle, the loud and busy London “City” life. Imagine one week with no internet, no bars, no clubs, just nature and sheer simplicity. It was just what I needed.

On this day, we hired a boat, and with our boat men went on an island hopping trip. First stop was Cobrador island. Imagine white sand beach, clear water, no tourists. A dream.

DSC06947 DSC06961 DSC06967

I just tanned there for a while then we took the boat again and stopped along the way back at some snorkelling spots.

DSC06971 DSC06976 DSC06977 DSC06997

A lot of fish, blue starfish, corals, etc. unwound under my eyes. It was such a pristine moment, being the only ones almost at sea.

I love the Philippines more everytime I go there!


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