London life continues

Wow, it’s been a while! I was pretty busy, firstly with the job and end of quarter period… I also went to Paris – again – to meet a friend, I will post about this later on.

Around New Year’s period, I had a date at Cedar Point tower, in Tottenham Court Road. I went to both the restaurant and the bar, namely Paramount restaurant and Zinc Bar. The view is amazing, at the 30th and 31st floor and shows different angles of London.

I have to admit, food was delicious, but apparently the restaurant had to close down due to the refurbishment of the tower… Well, the most interesting dish was the dessert, which was a dark chocolate tart sprinkled with gold and milk chocolate “candies” that sparkle in your mouth. The feeling is not pleasant though, but it reminds so much of childhood.

So here is the view from Zinc Bar, you can see all of Oxford Street.


Out and about in the City, I could catch the sunset from the top of One New Change. St Paul’s is magnificent, as always.


Oh, also my two computers broke down, which also explains I’m late on posts… I have two other posts on Paris coming soon!


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