An evening at Aqua Shard

Some weeks ago we celebrated Nimcy’s birthday, my previous flatmate and still dear friend.

We headed to Aqua Shard, to enjoy a bottle of wine or two with friends. Beware, we went on a Saturday early evening and there was already a big queue. Thankfully, my friends were already inside so I didn’t have to queue, ahem.

Just to let you know, you can visit the Shard and enjoy the view, but I think the ticket costs around 28 pounds. If you go to any of the bars, including Aqua, you won’t pay entry, just your drinks – let’s face 8-12 pounds is still OK – and be able to enjoy the same view, if not for longer and seated.

Here is a sneak peak from the toilets.


Ok, sorry about the quality, taken with my phone, as usual…

Check out Tower Bridge.


Here are other views from inside and the bar, too.

IMG_20150117_195543 IMG_20150117_195548 IMG_20150117_195643 IMG_20150117_195742 IMG_20150117_195751

And this is us, the happy crowd.


After this, we headed to Guanabara near Covent Garden for some Brazilian dinner, drinks, show and dancing!


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